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About San Juan del Sur



Surrounded by two mountains, the bay of San Juan del Sur is home to one of the most visited towns by surfers. Its urban center has a complete and diversified tourist offer, while in the rural area one can practice surf, fishing, whale watch, canopy, yoga, horsebackand other sports.

Once a quiet, picturesque fishing village, discovered by the Spanish Andres Niño in 1523, is now one of the most visited destinations by foreigners and locals in the country. The city of San Juan del Sur has almost everything: hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, language schools, a post office, a central park, a municipal market, a port, a police station and the famous bay of the same name.

This is the obligatory stopover of almost every traveler seeking for relaxation and lots of surfing on unspoilt beaches. The majority of these beaches are located throughout the municipality, including the most famous ones: Marsella, Maderas, Majagual, La Flor, El Ostional, El Coco, Las Salinas, El Astillero and El Yankee. Some of them have hotels, private houses or communities offering lodging options.

 The infrastructure of the city of San Juan del Sur has changed in recent years. Today, the number of foreigners who visit and decide to buy a property to turn it into their homes (generally mansions), a hotel or a hostel has increased significantly. Also, tourism has brought economical development in the city. The municipal government has made improvements in public areas, such as the waterfront and the central park.

A point worth visiting when in San Juan is the 'Jesus de la Misericoridia' statue, located on the summit of the highest hill and built in 2008. From here, tourists have beautiful panoramic views of San Juan del Sur and its surroundings. In addition, there is a small chapel under the statue, where tourists can read about its building process.